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Functioning and keeping up appearances when you are a small business is hard. Between clients and managing your own books, you don’t have time to work on the marketing end of things. Maybe you have ideas but don’t know how to make them happen. You need a website to look professional and you need social media to share your brand. Who has time for that? Better yet, who has $%&^%@ money to pay a  marketing firm to get you set up? That’s when you call in Plumlane Creative. We’ll help put your best face forward and capture the essence of your brand. Plumlane Creative believes in providing authenticity and legitimacy for small businesses - at an affordable price.



There are so many drag and drop websites that make it easy. But even that can be daunting. Do you just need a splash page? Maybe a portfolio that you can add to? It could be something as simple as having the content or an amazing bio for your site but commas and wordsmithing isn’t a top skill. You should be able to get the site you need to support the product you have. We can talk through different options to get you started and help you maintain your business at a level that gives you the legitimacy needed in today's online world.

Social Media



 It looks like everyone is tweeting and instagramming but taking a picture isn’t always enough. How do you set up a campaign? Or organize tweets to go out on a schedule? We have multiple packages based on your individual needs to get you up and running.



Is there something you could bring to your next client visit to remind them to use your company again? Perhaps offering a discount card at a local coffee shop bulletin board. Let’s talk about options if you need to get the word out.



Are you attending an event and have a booth? Are you not sure what to bring or need collateral? As the world opens up so will these opportunities. Do not get stuck using that black and white flyer! Let us help you up your game.



Do you have a photography business or an etsy store? Starting your own accounting business? A logo can be the first of many decisions you need to make to get your business going. You may have an idea and need the correct file to get to the next step. These things matter.

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